Discover CityApp®

CityApp® is business focused and delivers  your timely information directly to your mobile residents, tourists and business travelers plus seamlessly and securely integrates with your social media websites.

CityApp® is completely anonymous and requires no registration. Users simply select a city and CityApp® delivers the information when and where you need it most!

Web Powered and Economical

CityApp® is specifically designed to provide local government with a cost effective solution to communicate with their mobile users. And because CityApp® is a web-based application it requires no hardware or software and needs minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for local government.

CityApp® takes the worry, work and cost out of keeping in step with today’s fast pace mobile marketplace by leveraging the web to power your CityApp® portal and keeping your mobile apps working on the latest mobile platforms for you so you can concentrate on your communication goals.

CityApp® takes the hassle and hidden costs out of taking your communications mobile!

Designed for Mobile Users

CityApp® gives your local government a mobile app solution specifically designed to allow you to convey important information to your mobile users in a focused and targeted manner.

Rich information is automatically embedded in messages and is available with a single click. Each message banner will display a unique icon that lets users know what type of information is ebedded in the message. Embeded information can include: the location of a traffic accident and an alternate route around a closed road viewable on Google Maps, automatic calendar entry for an important public meeting so users can instantly add your meeting to their personal calendars and links to a pages on any website.

CityApp® presents your messages in customizable subject channels so your users know at a glance the nature of your messages. No more searching through messages, emails or posts trying to locate information because CityApp® presents the most recent message so residents always the most important information they need, wheh and where they need it.

Seamless Social Integration

CityApp® integrates seamlessly and securely with your favourite social media websites and automatically posts your message directly to your social media account saving you time while helping you maintain a consistent message.

Your custom branded CityApp® mobile application gives you the most direct path to your residents regardless of their social media tastes, habits and in the language of their choice! CityApp® social media integration guarantees your residents get the information they need when they need it.

Easy To Use. Easy To Manage.

CityApp’s web powered interface makes it an extremely easy-to-use application. Intuitive program design and simple menus make using CityApp’s web portal a breeze.

Video tutorials and a built-in support ticketing system mean help and support are a few clicks away, keeping your team productive and your residents, visitors and business travelers informed.

CityApp® includes a powerful permissions system that allows administrators to delegate communications to frontline staff while maintaining control over how and when their messages are released to the public.

Administrators receive an email everytime a message is produced by users requiring authorization with a link to authorize the message. So even when you’re on the move you can still manage your CityApp® messages quickly and easily!

Powerful Universal Mobile App

BlackBerry and Android mobile users can access any CityApp® city directly from our free mobile app. Users can easily change what city the CityApp® mobile app recieves messages from and what language the messages are presented in with just a few clicks. CityApp® supports up to four concurrent languages.

All apps have been designed specifically for their respective platforms and have an identical set of features. Simply download CityApp® mobile app, select your city, language of choice and you’re done!