Help with CityApp®

First Things First! Before you can view anything with the CityApp® mobile app you have to pick your default city or community group. So when you start CityApp® for the first time you will be presented with the Select Your City screen. To find your city start typing the name of the city and/or community group you’re looking for.

If you can’t find your city then they haven’t signed up for CityApp® account yet. Why not contact your local government representative and ask them why your city does not have a FREE CityApp® account.

Change Your City

The CityApp® mobile app solution is designed to handle multiple cities from within the app so no matter where you are, if the city you’re in is a CityApp user you’ll be able to quickly and easily change your default city to your current location.

To change your default city:

  • Click the MENU button on your smartphone and SELECT CHANGE CITY. Enter the city you want to view to begin.
  • You can also change the language you want to view for messages in as well. The languages supported is determined by the city your viewing.

View Channel Message

With your default city selected you will now be presented with the Channels that are available for that city and or community organization.

  • Scroll down to view more Channels. Each Channel shows it’s most current message.
  • To view more messages within the Channel click or tap on the Channel entry to view the next few messages. Click more to continue to view older messages.
  • Press the BACK button to return to the previous page of messages or channel list. Press BACK at the start screen to close CityApp®

Message Icons

There are five icons that you will see on the top bar of Channels and messages.

New Message IconStar Icon: Indicates a new message has been posted to the channel.

Map Link IconMap Arrow: Indicates the message contains a mapped location

Calendar Event IconCalendar Icon: Indicates the message contains a calendar entry

Web or File Link IconLink Icon: Indicates the message contains a web page link

Photo Link IconImage Icon: Indicates the message contains an image

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CityApp® really FREE?
There must be a catch, hidden fees.

Absolutely NO catch, NO setup fees, No storage fees. You get every single feature and every upgrade FREE. CityApp® is a 100% FREE, ad supported solution. Ads are NOT presented on private portal pages.

What type of ads does CityApp® you show? Can the ads be filtered?

Generally speaking our ads are appropriate for most audiences, however we can and do filter ads to help ensure they are appropriate for your audience.

How do I get the CityApp® mobile app for my smartphone?

CityApp® mobile app is available FREE in the Android Market, BlackBerry App World and will be available soon in the Apple App Store. iPhone users can access our FREE mobile site their mobile browser.

Will CityApp® work with my
social media accounts?

Yes. CityApp® can simultaneously and securely post messages directly to your social media accounts, saving you time while helping you maintain a consistent message.

Is there CMS integration or customization support?

CityApp® is a stand-alone web application and given the wide variety of CMS solutions and application platforms in use today, for practical purposes, we do not offer integration or application customization.

How do I learn to use the
CityApp® web portal?

Even though we think CityApp® is an easy to use as email we’ve created series of short video tutorials to teach you how to use your CityApp® portal. Each video is accompanied with easy to follow. step-by-step instructions.