CityApp® Sign-Up

CityApp® is a FREE web service for local government. Please review the account requirements and provide the required information to receive your CityApp® sign up package.

CityApp® is only made available to eligible local governments:

  • Local government must be an incorporated (municipality, city, town or village) and must provide documentation to verify local government status. Further instructions are included in the sign up package.
  • CityApp® is only made available to local governments. Affiliated community organizations that wish to use CityApp® must do so from within their local government’s CityApp® portal. Affiliated community organizations are encouraged to ask their cities to sign-up for FREE CityApp® account. Cities that make CityApp® available to their affiliated organizations will receive FREE additional channels.
  • CityApp® is NOT available to commercial enterprises and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Applicants will receive a CityApp® account sign up package via email and must fax the completed package prior to account activation. CityApp® reserves the right to reject applications.