Maximize CityApp®

CityApp® can help you engage and communicate with your mobile audience in a wide variety ways. To help you maximize the effectiveness of your CityApp® service we’ve put together some helpful tips and suggestions to help get your CityApp® service up and running.
Participating local governments will also receive custom web banners and graphics to help them promote their CityApp® service.

Helpful CityApp® Tips

Use CityApp® regularly, every day! Users will come to expect regular messages especially information about ongoing or evolving situations like traffic problems, road conditions or transit delays. Don’t hesitate in sending your message as soon as you have the information you need.

Promote your CityApp® solution to your residents, tourists and business travelers using your website, stationary, transit buses and fleet vehicles. Include CityApp® in your promotional material and advertising.

Keep your messages brief and to the point. If you mobiles users are on the go they may not have a lot of time to read your message. Keeping your messages brief will increase the likelihood that your mobile users will read your message.

Always try to include a calendar entry for your events. We all forget things so it’s always wise to include a calendar entry with your events. It allows your mobile audience to quickly add your event to their calendar  and increases the likelihood of them remembering & attending your event. It also gives them important information they’ll need if your event becomes the subject of a conversation.

Post important information immediately. Don’t wait for the perfect time of day to post your information. If you’ve got timely information regarding events like traffic problems, post the information immediately. You can alway provide a follow up message later. You mobile users will appreciate your expediency.

Delegate your communications. Give the individuals in your organization the tools they need to communicate in a timely fashion. Delegating CityApp® responsibilites to frontline people increases the likilhood that your communications are going to be delivered on time. Don’t forget  CityApp® includes a message authorization feature so you can be sure the right message is sent everytime!

Don’t cross post messages in multiple channels. Similar messages in multiple channels will confuse your audience. Keep your posts contained to the most relevent channel possible.

Don’t SPAM your users. Make sure your messages are relevent to the channel and have something important to say. CityApp® is not intended as a conversation tool but rather as a mobile information tool. Nobody likes dealing with too many unwanted messages.